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When we are supporting young people who have experienced sexual abuse and their families it can be helpful to have some resources to support us, it's also really important that we have the confidence to create our own techniques and resources with young people and families that work for them.

These resources are intended to support you as professionals to engage with young people and families.

There is no one size fits all and so we need to have a bank of resources we can use but also the confidence to build and create our own resources with young people and families.

We encourage you as professionals to share with us some of the resources and ideas that have worked for you. This way we can build and grow our resource bank together!

Below are just a few examples, with downloadable PDFs and support around how to use them.

Emotional Rainbow Activity

click here to download the PDF

this activity is about shifting our focus from behaviour to the emotions which sit behind it, for example;

  • instead of focusing on 'I'm always taken out of class because I kick off at the teachers' we focus on the uncomfortable emotions that lead to that behaviour,' I don't feel heard'
  • We can then think about what comfortable emotions we'd like to feel instead, 'I want to feel heard' 
  • Then we can come up with some techniques and things we can do to help us move from the uncomfortable emotions to the comfortable emotions. This can be things like 'talking to a friend' or 'listening to my favourite music to calm down'.

This activity can grow and develop over time and it's portable, so young people can keep their rainbow with them and refer back to it when those uncomfortable emotions occur. 

5 Senses Activity 

Click here to download the PDF

This activity is a 'grounding' activity which allows a person to reconnect with their environment. It can be used by anybody and some examples include;

  • when someone is having a flashback (feeling like they're reliving a moment)
  • if a person is feeling hightened anxiety 
  • to generally calm down and feel your surroundings

Young people may want to do this activity outloud, in their head or put pen to paper and draw or write the things they taste, smell, hear, touch and see.

Over the coming weeks we will be releasing more resources, and in the meantime if you have any questions or would like support or training you can contact us here

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